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MTB Backpack 32L

  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • Description
  • Mountain Bike Backpack. It duels as a practical checklist making it really difficult to leave anywhere without your essentials. Best MTB backpack will make you feel more organized and prepared, decluttering your gear as well as your mind giving you the freedom and ability to keep your focus where you need it most, on your bike.

    Housing all your essential mountain bike kit and a gear bag for all your tools and spares, allowing you to be organized and prepared, and perform at your best. The perfect bicycle travel bag.

  • Specifications
  • Weight:   1.1 kg 

    Dimensions:  44cm x 30cm x 34cm (32L) + external helmet pocket

  • Information
  • MTB Backpack Compartments:

    With a breathable material there’s an external separate pocket especially  for your helmet. It has its own pouch to be tucked in when not needed. Don’t let your helmet take up all the space, pressed in between all your other necessities and leaving your hands restricted. 

    At the bottom we’ve added a separate compartment for your shoes. Keeping the dirt and sweat isolated from your other belongings.

    The gear department. Keep all your gear compact and neat. Space for your tubes, 4 x CO2 cartridges, chock pump and other tools. Also leaving space for all your other small gadgets including keys, power banks and even power bars, keeping them easily accessible and uncrushed.

    On each side a bottle holder, reachable when on your back. 

    Now, in the second zip lies an extra space for all your clothes etc. Filling up to 32 liters!

    External zip pocket for a cell phone or alike.

    Lastly we’ve added velcro straps for your floor pump. Located on the outside left.

  • Product Comparison
  • VeloRacing Backpack: compact and affordable backpack housing helmet, shoes and kit. Capacity is 20l. Made with a light weigh rip-stop material and YKK zips. Carried with a handle and shoulder straps.


    VeloRacing Backpack – BLACK: exactly the same as the standard VeloRacing Backpack, just in an all-black colour scheme.


    VeloRacing Bag: our original and most popular all-in-one race day bag for road and MTB, housing your helmet, shoes, kit and 2 water bottles. It also has a removable accessories box. Made with 420D nylon material and YKK zips. Carried with handles and a shoulder strap.


    VeloRacing Bag – BLACK:exactly the same as the standard VeloRacing Bag, just in an all-black colour scheme.


    VeloRacing Bag – CAMO:exactly the same as the standard VeloRacing Bag, just in a CAMO colour scheme, either Khaki or Brown.


    Exclusive VeloRacing Bag: the exclusive version of the VeloRacing Bag, based on the same main compartment, but also featuring a side compartment designed to carry tubes, tools and accessories. It also has the option to purchase stage race add-on bags for more space. Made with a better rip-stop material and YKK zips, and finished off with higher quality fittings. Carried with handles and a shoulder strap. Used by most of our ambassadors.


    VeloRacing FULL FACE Bag:based on the same functionality as the entire VeloRacing range, but designed specifically to house a full face helmet and protective gear used in BMX, Down hill and Enduro. Made with 420D nylon and YKK zips, as well as high quality fittings. Carried with handles and a shoulder strap.


    TIWIA Leather VeloRacing Bag: a luxury leather version of the VeloRacing Bag, handmade in Cape Town, South Africa using locally and ethically sourced leather.


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